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NOXY Jewellery was born out of Nicole's love and passion for creating unique jewellery with a personal touch, originally and primarily for herself. After buying her first gem - an emerald-cut pink sapphire - while on holiday in Sri Lanka and designing a ring for it, she got hooked on the feeling of owning a piece of jewellery that is absolutely unique. She then invested in and attended various training courses in Singapore and Hong Kong, so as to learn as much as possible about the wondrous world of gems and jewellery.

Limited by her own budget for jewellery (one can only have so much) and encouraged by friends, family and even strangers who complimented her designs, Nicole decided to start designing jewellery for others outside of her day job as an intellectual property lawyer in Singapore. Today, this has evolved into a passion for educating consumers about gems and jewellery, and for creating fine jewellery which is beautiful, practical, innovative and which showcases the wearer's personality.


NOXY Jewellery strongly believes in transparency and eschews advertising puffery used to justify unreasonable mark-ups. Prices even for bespoke orders can be kept low, as NOXY Jewellery is a home-based business with limited overheads, and marketing costs are kept to a minimum.

Crafted exclusively in solid 18k gold and accented with diamonds or natural gemstones, NOXY Jewellery creations are made to be enjoyed forever, and passed down from one generation to another. 

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